Advice for Barry and Silky

Being that the CNN debate looked like a field trip to the Clinton Botanical Gardens* if Silky and Barry were smart they would rethink their No Fox News stance.

FNC is the only forum where they could expect to be on equal footing with Frosty.

S & B would not be thrown any softballs, but the FNC panel would be merciless on HRC.

Face it, S & B, it is your only shot.


Hot Air: Iranian MP to Brits: Islam requires capital punishment for gays

So I guess that the first episode of Queer Eye for the Iranian Guy is going to look something like this:


Google Veterans Day Logo

I really appreciate the new Google Veteran's Day logo. HT/HA :

But sometimes, when they allow jihadis to abuse their services, Google acts more like

The soft side of Islamic Rage Boy™


A New Banner for Ace

Appropriately we had a total of 69 votes in the banner poll.

It was clear that with 53% of the vote in a four way race that banner #1 was the Bobby Jindhal of the competition.

So now we a have a late entry that a lot of people think may have what it takes (Hello Mr.Thompson)*.

Here is our previous winner:

And the new challenger:


*Did you kids get both references?

PS: For all that asked the images were created using the Gimp open source tool. 'Cause if I have one motto: If it's free. It's for me!

And yes I have each component of the image with alpha channels (transparent backgrounds) stored in separate files. They are both in Gimp's xcf format and in png.

Also I have them stored in source control (Subverion) hosted on a remote secure and nightly backed up box...'cause I am a big IT dorkousmalorkous.

The grey background it just to keep it close to the orginal.

Clinton Plant

What do you think this flower smells like?
I am thinking three day old unwashed control top pantyhose.


Democrat Theater

It was much better than Cats!



I am going to do some more WikiWacking today so I will tally my results here:

Associated Press: Nothing scandalous, somebody there is a HUGE Simpsons fan.

Editorandpublisher.com: Zip (Actually this is the AC Nielsen Block of which E&P is a part).

Glenn Greenwald(S):Surprisingly Zip.

More Wiki Wacky... this time from the UN

So I decided to checkout what the UN has been doing on wikipedia...found a doozy!

Someone on the UN network edited Oriana Fallaci's article to read:racist whore

Check it out here kiddies!


More here


TNR - Additional thoughts

Michael Kelly was a huge hero of mine and I just can't help but wonder what he would have thought of the whole Beauchamp/Reeve thing.

Plame Out!

OK I used the info from Ace to nail Mr. Beauchamp.

I went to weddingchannel.com and searched for Scott Beauchamp and what do you know a Scott Beauchamp married an Elspeth Reeve.

And there just happens to be an Elspeth Reeve who works for tnr.

I think there taste in towels is terrible ... don't even get me started on that wall clock...yuck



I have to say I feel dirty for digging this up.

Am I an a-hole for doing so?

Or does the fact that they are public figures make it ok?
Update 2
Someone at Ace's said that this could be a fake registry entry.
Entering all that dinnerware seems like a lot of work for a hoax.
Read Ace's new post for more on this speculation
Update 3
When I first went to weddingchannel I noticed they had three stores but now it is down to two.
I remembered that the first store was Macy's so I went to Macy's and bingo!


Ladies and Germs...Chuck Hagel


The NFL can suck my 61 incher

So did some research on this 55 inch rule, and yes it is against federal law to publicly show the super bowl on a screen bigger than 55 inches.

But if you look more closely you also can have only 4 speakers in the same or adjecent room!

So this means no 5.1 surround sound! (let alone 6.1 7.1 8.1)

OK lets some math:

In old 4:3 land a 55 inch screen was about 33 high by 44 high
In 16:9 land a 55 inch screen is only 27 inches high Almost 20% shorter!
Sure 16:9 is 25% wider but the middle of the screen is still where the action is.
In order to get the same screen height on 16:9 set the diagonal measurement would have to be about 67 inches.

I think it is about time for the federal goverment to get out of our rumpus rooms!

Global Warming gets perspective

Here is a quick exercise in perspective:
Lets say that the last 65 Million years is 1 mile (I use 65 million as it is the point when the Cenozoic, geologic era of mammals, started. I could go back further but that would be cruel).

Most global warming graphs only show 1000 years (at most, more often they tried to hide the Medieval warming period and show graphs that start during the little ice age around 1675 so the graphs can look more scary).
1000 is 0.0015% of 65 Million and 0.0015% of a mile almost exactly equals ....one inch.
Is an inch of a mile enough to make a generalization on the whole mile?
Also this is not a random sample of the mile this is one continuous inch.
It is akin to predicting a presidential election with a sample taken only from the upper east side of Manhattan.

Is 0.0015% enough to alter peoples lives with public policy?
Is 0.0015% enough deny the third world growth?
Is 0.0015% enough to keep millions in poverty?
Is 0.0015% enough to have to listen to self rightous Hollywood types with IQ's smaller than their shoes size tell me how bad I am? Not nearly.

Another note the largest temperature timescale we have is from ice cores and they only go back 400,000 years. 400,000 of 65 Million is 0.615% and 0.615% of a mile is 32 feet.
A mile has 5280 feet and the best we can do is look at 32 continuous feet of it.