TNR - Additional thoughts

Michael Kelly was a huge hero of mine and I just can't help but wonder what he would have thought of the whole Beauchamp/Reeve thing.

Plame Out!

OK I used the info from Ace to nail Mr. Beauchamp.

I went to weddingchannel.com and searched for Scott Beauchamp and what do you know a Scott Beauchamp married an Elspeth Reeve.

And there just happens to be an Elspeth Reeve who works for tnr.

I think there taste in towels is terrible ... don't even get me started on that wall clock...yuck



I have to say I feel dirty for digging this up.

Am I an a-hole for doing so?

Or does the fact that they are public figures make it ok?
Update 2
Someone at Ace's said that this could be a fake registry entry.
Entering all that dinnerware seems like a lot of work for a hoax.
Read Ace's new post for more on this speculation
Update 3
When I first went to weddingchannel I noticed they had three stores but now it is down to two.
I remembered that the first store was Macy's so I went to Macy's and bingo!