The NFL can suck my 61 incher

So did some research on this 55 inch rule, and yes it is against federal law to publicly show the super bowl on a screen bigger than 55 inches.

But if you look more closely you also can have only 4 speakers in the same or adjecent room!

So this means no 5.1 surround sound! (let alone 6.1 7.1 8.1)

OK lets some math:

In old 4:3 land a 55 inch screen was about 33 high by 44 high
In 16:9 land a 55 inch screen is only 27 inches high Almost 20% shorter!
Sure 16:9 is 25% wider but the middle of the screen is still where the action is.
In order to get the same screen height on 16:9 set the diagonal measurement would have to be about 67 inches.

I think it is about time for the federal goverment to get out of our rumpus rooms!