Advice for Barry and Silky

Being that the CNN debate looked like a field trip to the Clinton Botanical Gardens* if Silky and Barry were smart they would rethink their No Fox News stance.

FNC is the only forum where they could expect to be on equal footing with Frosty.

S & B would not be thrown any softballs, but the FNC panel would be merciless on HRC.

Face it, S & B, it is your only shot.


Hot Air: Iranian MP to Brits: Islam requires capital punishment for gays

So I guess that the first episode of Queer Eye for the Iranian Guy is going to look something like this:


Google Veterans Day Logo

I really appreciate the new Google Veteran's Day logo. HT/HA :

But sometimes, when they allow jihadis to abuse their services, Google acts more like

The soft side of Islamic Rage Boy™


A New Banner for Ace

Appropriately we had a total of 69 votes in the banner poll.

It was clear that with 53% of the vote in a four way race that banner #1 was the Bobby Jindhal of the competition.

So now we a have a late entry that a lot of people think may have what it takes (Hello Mr.Thompson)*.

Here is our previous winner:

And the new challenger:


*Did you kids get both references?

PS: For all that asked the images were created using the Gimp open source tool. 'Cause if I have one motto: If it's free. It's for me!

And yes I have each component of the image with alpha channels (transparent backgrounds) stored in separate files. They are both in Gimp's xcf format and in png.

Also I have them stored in source control (Subverion) hosted on a remote secure and nightly backed up box...'cause I am a big IT dorkousmalorkous.

The grey background it just to keep it close to the orginal.

Clinton Plant

What do you think this flower smells like?
I am thinking three day old unwashed control top pantyhose.


Democrat Theater

It was much better than Cats!